Sister Fattoum

Written by Sister Fattoum

Then in 1990, in Montreal, I enrolled my son to the Muslim School. This was the first time I had encountered with shia Muslims. One day, this Iraqi lady told me while we were waiting to pick up our kids: "Komeini is good!". To hear from her, whose country had a long war with Iran, made me think; because, all I have heard about Sayed Khomeini, rahmatullALLAHu aleyhi, was having picked up up sunni Muslims with excavators and drop them to the ground! -estaghfiruLLAH!


Second instance was again with an Iraqi lady who invited me her home, and at the time of prayer gave me a turba to pray on, and saying that there were more merits if our fore head touched it while sajdah. Strange enough, I was quite convinced with her explanations; although, it was the first time I have heard them! I knew that she was watching me while I was praying. I didn't mind, as if I felt a superiority from her over me!


I should say, this overwhelming experience of discovering their strong faith made me approach to them even more! Nevertheless, had I not frequented their huseiniyya, I would not have admitted that I had become a shia. So it happened one day: while I was there, another Iraqi lady asked me if I was a shia. I have answered that I didn't know, and I added that I loved the "Ehl ul Bayt". She then answered: " SO YOU ARE A SHIA!" I was happily surprised, and I have smiled at her that I have been convinced.


Then I have started my research: I have read a lot of books, I have asked a lot of questions. I was teaching my son as well. One day he said that all his friends were suniis. I said to him that I have proved that to follow Imam Ali a.s. was the order of our Prophet (s.a.a.w), and I knew that, my son had become a shia at that moment. MashaAllah, he was nine years old then. ElhamduliLLAH. May Allah Swt guard us all in the right path. Amin!


P.S. My all sunni friends were worried, and they were trying to save (!) us .:).. they were saying that shias don't like Aisha, Abu Baqr... etc. Who is the incomparable Ehl ul Bayt, and who are those c............s ? <<<< I couldn't careless :)


The 5th of January, 2003,

Ottawa, Ontario Canada

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